Is Your Diet Affecting Your Teeth?

Bacteria are naturally present in all of our mouths. Bacteria feed on carbohydrates found in the food and beverages we consume and produce an acid that attacks tooth structure. Choosing healthy foods to eat help to limit the number and length of exposure the bacteria have to these carbohydrates.
Assess your risk for dental decay (cavities) by looking at the chart below. Are you at a high risk for cavities by what you eat and drink?

Tips to Lower Cavity Risk:

– limit intake of high risk foods and beverages to one serving per day
– eat high risk foods with meals and snacks
– drink high risk beverages within 15 minutes (do not sip on them through out the day)
– drink high risk beverages with meals or snacks, rather than alone
– chew sugar-free gum or rinse with water after eating or drinking items in the high risk category
– brush and floss regularly!