Five Cleaning Modes
Includes the thorough Gum Care mode and Refresh mode.
Two Brush Head Sizes with Reminder Bristles
Choose a Standard brush head for all-around cleaning or a Mini brush head for a focused clean.


30-second interval timer encourages thorough brushing of each quadrant of
the mouth.

Gum Care Mode

Full three-minute clean for improved gum health.

Hidden Display Panel

When on, unique backlight indicates selected mode. When off, display becomes invisible for
a clean look.

Three-week Battery Life

Rechargeable battery lasts three weeks between chargings.
Built-in UV Brush Head Sanitizer

Specially engineered Philips UV sanitizer helps

kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses* on the brush head in only ten minutes.


Two-year warranty from Philips.


Philips Sonicare
Using FlexCare+ is a daily routine that helps to improve the health of your gums,
the foundation of good oral health. The unique Gum Care mode helps you
pay special attention to problem areas that your dentist or hygienist may have
pointed out. As a result, FlexCare+ is proven to improve gum health in only two
weeks. It also decreases gum bleeding and helps prevent recession, contributing
to a lifetime of good oral health.
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*E.coli, S.mutans and H. simplex-I


Helps kids reach the recommended two-minute brushing time by progressively increasing time over
90 days.

  • Two Kid-friendly Power Modes
  • Provide gentle cleaning appropriate for different ages: low mode for 4+ and high mode for 7+.
  • Two Brush Head Sizes
  • Specifically designed to gently clean teeth at key developmental phases.
  • Easy-to-find On/off Button
  • Simple to locate and press.
  • New from Philips Sonicare

Sonicare For Kids

Philips Sonicare, the #1 power toothbrush brand recommended for adults by
U.S. dental professionals, presents Sonicare For Kids, the first Sonicare toothbrush
designed especially for children ages 4 through 10. Sonicare For Kids utilizes the
same patented sonic technology as Sonicare’s other models, only with features
and power levels that are kid-friendly. Sonicare For Kids helps build good
brushing habits at an early age, leading to a lifetime of superior oral health.
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Two-year warranty from Philips.
Superior Plaque Removal
Removes significantly more plaque than a children’s manual toothbrush or a Crest
SpinBrush children’s battery toothbrush.
Safe and Gentle
Sonicare For Kids is proven safe and gentle on teeth and gingival tissue for children ages 4+.

Improved Compliance

Studies show that children aged 7-10 brushed significantly longer than with a manual toothbrush.