The easiest way to achieve a bright and attractive smile is to use professional whitening products. We offer a whitening system that you can use in the privacy of your own home. Our whitening system is safe and effective and is proven to whiten smiles in 1 to 2 weeks.

LUMIBrite Take-Home Whitening Gel (with trays)

Over time, teeth can appear dull and discolored from external sources such as: coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco products and much more. Stains that occur from external sources can be removed to a certain degree by professional whitening products.

Other common causes of discoloration that do not benefit from whitening products include: tooth trauma, antibiotic-Tetracycline use during development and aged metal fillings. It is important to understand that restorative materials such as fillings, crowns and veneers can not be whitened by these products.

Getting started with take-home whitening is simple:
1st visit: We address your whitening needs, record the current shade of your teeth, and take impressions so that we can create custom-made trays to fit your mouth in order to achieve the best whitening results.
2nd visit: You come back a few days later so that we can deliver your whitening trays. We go over instructions for use with you and make sure you are comfortable with using the whitening product and answer any questions you may have.